About me

My name is Nuno Palma. I am a senior lecturer (associate professor) in the department of economics, University of Manchester. I am also a researcher at ICS, Univ. of Lisbon, and a research affiliate at the CEPR, London.

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About this blog

This is a blog about global economic and political history. There is a special focus on Europe and the early modern period, but the analysis is comparative, and I do at times refer to other world regions and time periods.

This blog’s first name was “no future without a past” but shortly after its creation I decided to change it to a less poetic but more informative name.

If you want to study for a MSc in economic history, then read this post.

1 thought on “About

  1. Caro Doutor. Onde posso encontrar os seus trabalhos sobre as causas da decadência de Portugal? Vi uma intervenção sua numa conferência e fiquei muito interessado. Se bem percebi, serão um Estado fechado e corporações económicas dependentes do Estado. Sff. Cumprimentos.


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